Tony Asher (born in London in 1939) is an American lyricist who co-wrote much of The Beach Boys 1966 album Pet Sounds in conjunction with front man Brian Wilson, including such classic songs as "God Only Knows" and "Wouldn't It Be Nice". Asher, who formally only helped Wilson's ideas come into words, still managed to have some influence on the album.

In Asher's own words, "The general tenor of the lyrics was always [Brian's], and the actual choice of words was usually mine. I was really just his interpreter."

Looking for a clean break from the by-then-famous "Beach Boys sound" (associated with surfing and cars) and not wanting to collaborate with any of the songwriters he had previously worked with, Wilson called Asher—an advertising copywriter whom he barely knew—in early January 1966 and within ten days they had started to write what would eventually become Pet Sounds, one of the Beach Boys' most influential albums.

Asher's original draft lyrics for "Good Vibrations", replaced by Wilson and Mike Love on the hit single version, were eventually re-recorded for the version released on Brian Wilson Presents Smile.

Asher has one son, Evan, and lives with his wife Sheryl in Los Angeles.

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